The Year of the Eagle?

While the painted grass has since faded, and the betting slips have all been cashed in, last month, Super Bowl 52, marked the end of another season of the NFL, the National Football League. And, while some of the names may have seemed familiar to the average fan, with Tom Brady and the New England Patriots playing in their 8th Super Bowl since the year 2000. The results on the other hand may not have been what many experts and fans may have been expecting. With their blue-collar attitudes and working-class reliability, the Philadelphia Eagles were the betting underdogs throughout the playoffs, despite owning the league’s best record the entire season. In spite of the odds, the disrespected, chance-less underdogs and their fans were able to ride a momentous wave of improbability to Philadelphia’s first Super Bowl victory. As proven by the parties which raged during the night throughout the streets of Philadelphia, the fans and citizens who stuck by their beloved Eagles were rewarded handsomely in the end.

If one of the most exciting and nail-biting Super Bowls of all time only wet your appetite for the American sport of gladiators, fear not! The end of the NFL season does not necessarily mean that you will be forced to go without football until the leaves of fall.

No, as it turns out, the city of Halmstad has its own football team of Eagles who have also been stamped with the label of underdogs. Try as they might, lady luck has not been a friend to the Eagles in recent years. With their faces muddied, their bodies and egos bruised, the Eagles have been on the losing end of many glorious battles of late, but refuse to give up.

With the dawn of a new year upon us, 2018 has shown the promise of clears skies and loftier heights for the Eagles of Halmstad. While many of the faces remain the same, a new trio of leading Eagles have flown in from the sports motherland, ready to guide the team back to its days of past glory. With new teachings and an eye on the future, the Halmstad Eagles look to lean on each other for strength, friendship, and enthusiasm. Soaring ever higher, the football team from Halmstad looks to continue to make 2018 the year of the Eagle!

Text: Travis Hajney